Agency name

Wisse Kommunikatie

Year established


Location, country

Arnhem, The Netherlands

Number of people


Breakdown of staff (approx)

Marketing consultant: 3 Communication consultant: 6
Admin/finance: 1


Serge Beckers, Peter Drent, Theo Snijders

Best known clients

Panasonic, thyssenkrupp, dynabook (formerly known as Toshiba), Leica, Canon

What we’re good at

Expert in crisis communication, outstanding communication consulting and media relations

Best piece of work done recently

Organizing and hosting influencer and vlogger event for Master Lock to introduce flagship products in the Dutch market. Part of the event was an escape room experience in which Master Locks products were used. Event video to follow shortly.

Average age of employees (approx.)


Office personalities

No one especially, we are all goofballs

Rising stars (bright young things)

Tim van der Kallen – leads up all digital campaigns

Agency legends (which people have been there longest):

Theo Snijders, Siemon Bakker and Serge Beckers have been here the longest (2000,2002,2008)

Agency motto

Double the budget

What does everyone love about the agency?

The great atmosphere and the fact that we got each others back

What does everyone complain about?

Each others music taste

What agency traditions do you have?

Having lunch together everyday and organize exciting team events once a quarter

When did you join the network?


Why did you join E3?

The focus of E3 fits in perfectly with the international digital aspirations of our agency

Which other agencies have you collaborated with?

BBC, Preferendum and Ansel & Möllers GmbH.

One thing everyone gets wrong about where we live

The Netherlands is more than just Amsterdam. There are much more great places to visit in our small, but beautiful country.

What’s the coolest thing about the Netherlands that no one else knows about?

It’s a bit of a spoiler actually… but we do not wear clogs over here…

What’s the one thing you have to do here when you visit

Sniff history, smoke weed and visit the Eusebius church

Where we go after work


Restaurant we take clients to

Brasserie de Boerderij in Sonsbeek park

Essential phrase in local language

Wat kost dat? (what does this cost?)

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