What is E3?

It’s a network of agencies. It’s a family. It’s a group of companies who have realised that, by collaborating, sharing and supporting each other, they all become stronger. If you’re interested in joining, why not start by reading on and getting to know us a little better

What kind of agencies are in E3?

We are all principally B2B agencies. While we get involved in a rich variety of work, a significant part of our work is focused on helping brands sell more effectively to business buyers.

And we are all independently owned. We have freedom to work the way we want to, without the red tape and hierarchies of the world’s mega-agencies. But with over 1,700 talented professionals spread across 25 countries we are collectively big enough to handle the most complex marketing challenges in virtually any industry or geography.

What does E3 do?

We organise a number of events, designed to help agencies to build relationships, share knowledge and discover new opportunities for growth. Our Bootcamp sessions bring together certain types of professional to develop their skills and take new ideas back to their agencies afterwards. In addition we publish a regular members newsletter and organise the coveted Best Of International Awards programme.

The art of collaboration

Much of the E3 magic happens directly between member agencies. Sometimes one member will work with another in order to complement their skill set. Or it might be because of a fellow member’s cultural knowledge or geographical reach. And sometimes, it is simply because two (or three or four) works better than one.

This spirit of support and sharing is underpinned by a strong commercial focus. E3 is an enormously fulfilling and enjoyable part of our lives – but we are also aware that we are accountable to each other, and the ultimate aim is commercial success for ourselves and our clients. We make each other stronger, which in turn makes us more successful and profitable.

How is E3 funded?

E3 annual fees are based on member agency size, turnover and the Big Mac index. Yep, that’s right. So if the cost of eating burgers (and therefore of life in general) is lower in a certain country, E3 fees should be accordingly reduced. We just think it’s fairer that way. If you agree, why not get in touch?.