Year established


Location, country

Oxford, United Kingdom
Seattle, United States
Munich, Germany

Number of people


Breakdown of staff

Creative: 30
Account: 45
Planning: 10
Digital: 9
Demand generation: 25
Data & Insight: 11
New business/marketing: 5
Admin/finance: 8


Clive McNamara (yep, the DJ)

Best known clients

Microsoft, O2 Telefonica, Sage, Amazon, Salesforce, Oracle

What we’re good at

B2B marketing that delivers commercial results: sales pipeline today & a better selling environment tomorrow

Best piece of work done recently

The “I’m Sold on Sage Pay” campaign for Sage

We built a campaign around small business owner advocates (interviews, videos, research, photo shoots…), creating personal stories that explain why they are “sold on Sage Pay”.

The campaign won “Best SME-targeted campaign” at the B2B Marketing Awards in 2018:

More information:

Average age of employees (approx.):


Office personalities

Lean Dean – not actually a person, but an alter-ego of David van Schaick (who loves Lean working)

Rising stars

Jake Bird – 2 years into his TMP career, he’s current flying between Munich and Oxford every month helping to launch campaigns in Germany

Agency legends

Kirsty Heath, Julian Thornton, Jo Willis – have all been here since Day One & don’t look a day older than when they started

Agency motto

10-1 = 0 (get one thing wrong, the whole thing won’t work)

What does everyone love about the agency?

The many bizarre events that our social committee come up with

What does everyone complain about?

The car parking spaces

What agency traditions do you have?

Every year we take the whole company away for 2-3 days for our ‘Hall of Fame’ awards

When did you join the network?


Why did you join E3?

We’re running more campaigns globally, so the local knowledge is really useful. Plus we’re always interested in new ideas we’ve not seen before

Which other agencies have you collaborated with?


What do visitors to England have problems with?

Trying to open train doors. If you are inside, you have to open a window to reach the door handle outside (there are no handles on the inside of train doors).

What’s the coolest thing about Oxford that no one else knows about?

The Mad Hatter. A cocktail bar where you have to answer a riddle to get in.

What’s the one thing you have to do here when you visit

Soak up the culture at the Ashmolean museum – the first museum in the world to be opened to the public

Where we go after work

The Eyston Arms (for a quiet pint in a traditional pub) or Be At One (for not quiet cocktails)

Restaurant we take clients to

The Eyston Arms. And we can get to it from the back of our office car park.

Essential phrase in local language

When we say “Oh, by the way…” we actually mean “This is critically important:..”

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