Agency walkthrough

Agency name


Year established:


Location, country:

Linz, Austria

Number of people:


Breakdown of staff (approx):

Creative: 7
Motion: 3
Account: 5
Digital: 5
Apprentices: 2
Finance: 1


Tamara Grünzweil, Gerhard Preslmayer

Best known clients:

Magna, Lincoln Electric, APEX Tool Group

What we’re good at:

  • Breaking down complex content into appealing pieces of communication
  • Impressive movies and animations
  • Team spirit (which may include the occasional party now and then)

Best piece of work done recently:

“The Power of Magna” at the IAA in Munich.
Conception and implementation of an integrated trade fair concept – strategy, messages, trade fair architecture and staging, microsite, hybrid event, press conference, interactive installations, online media, video productions, animations.
An EV platform with a unique interaction and augmented reality installation is used as evidence and technology carrier. The trade fair architecture is testimony to urban living models and provides the space for modern mobility concepts.
True to the spirit of Forward. For all.

Average age of employees (approx.):

15,140 days or 41 years

Office personalities:

We are proud to say that we enjoy being different – as an agency but also as different individuals. We have rather introvert and focused colleagues, colleagues who like to talk all day and colleagues who love to be part of the crowd. In some corner there’s music, in some other constant telephone ringing, in other places it’s dark and quiet. It’s this combination of different personalities that makes us special!

Rising stars (bright young things):

At the moment, our apprentices Luca and Benni are working on a 3D model of our agency. Their goal is to use it for an innovative web project.

Agency legends (which people have been there longest):

Definitively Andrea – she has been part of SPS before SPS was even founded!

Agency motto:

Anything is possible!

What does everyone love about the agency?

At SPS you are allowed to be different – we are a team. We enjoy our work (at least at most times) and we try to handle everything with fun and little inside jokes.

What does everyone complain about?

Server Speed

What agency traditions do you have?

  • Daily freshly tapped beer (which we brewed ourselves!) at 4 pm (“Bier um vier”)
  • The annual internal BOW (Best of Worst) Award: An award every colleague gets for his most “special” project of the year

When did you join the network?


Why did you join E3?

Simply to broaden our horizon: To meet and discuss ideas with international colleagues, to get a sense of trends all over the world and to be part of something bigger.

Which other agencies have you collaborated with?

Schindler Parent, Brandigo

One thing everyone gets wrong about where we live:

  • There are no kangaroos living in Austria – really!
  • Sorry, no yodeling from top of the mountains at all times
  • Nope, not everyone is an excellent skier (or loves winter by the way)

What’s the coolest thing about Linz that no one else knows about?

On November 20, 1989, Nirvana played an absolutely legendary concert at a small concert house in Linz – two years before “Nevermind” made them famous in 1991.

What’s the one thing you have to do here when you visit:

Take the mountain railway to the top of “Poestlingberg” (a small hill in the north of Linz), enjoy the view over the city and the beautiful landscape around it, experience the magical world of the dragon Lenzibald inside the mountain and have a big piece of Linzer Torte (a sweet and delicious (some might say rather dry) cake with nuts and currant jam).

Where we go after work:

Our kitchen / terrace: As we have our own beer tap system, there is no need to go anywhere else 😉

Restaurant we take clients to:

By preslmayer: The restaurant of Gerhard’s son (a wonderful little place in the heart of the city with amazing food!)

Essential phrase in local language

“Wird scho passn” (somehow everything will be fine)