Agency name

Schindler Parent

Year established


Location, country

Meersburg+Pforzheim, Germany

Number of people

46 with our mothers in maternity leave and our new colleague

Breakdown of staff (approx)

Creative: 20
Account: 16
Digital: 3
Admin/finance: 6
Office-Dogs: 3


Manuela Schwarz, Michael Meier, Eugen Schindler, Jean-Claude Parent and the Employee Investment Company


Eugen Schindler, Jean-Claude Parent

Best known clients

MTU aero engines, Vorwerk, Ravensburger, PlanetHome, RAFI, HOMAG

What we’re good at

Brand & Margin; Lead Generation, Sustainable Marketing Communication

Average age of employees (approx.)


Office personalities

Maren Ottemeier

Rising stars (bright young things)

David – he is THE copywriter.

Agency legends (which people have been there longest)

Uschi – she is our agency veteran.

Agency motto:

Whoop whoop.

What does everyone love about the agency?

Everyone loves our Dönerstag (Kebab-Thursday)

What does everyone complain about?

Capacity planning. And designing Christmas cards – particular our own

What agency traditions do you have?

The beer-after-4 o´clock on Thursdays. And the table tennis and table soccer matches in our lunch breaks.

When did you join the network?


Why did you join E3?

Many of our German clients export to different countries all over the world. E3 enables us to support them optimally in an international context

Which other agencies have you collaborated with?

The B2B marketing lab, bbc, Preferendum, Brandigo China, Brandigo USA, Agile Content, Recommended and many others

One thing everyone gets wrong about where we live

Don’t mix up Meersburg and Merseburg. Otherwise you will find yourself in a small town near Leipzig.

What’s the coolest thing about Meersburg that no one else knows about?

We have the oldest inhabited castle in Germany. And a big wine festival every September. And a little beach outside the agency. It´s worth a visit.

What’s the one thing you have to do here when you visit

Go for a swim in the Lake Constance.

Where we go after work

We stay in the agency. It´s not only our working place but also the place to take a well-deserved drink and sometimes a barbecue.

Restaurant we take clients to

Fährhaus – Italian Restaurant. Right next to the lake side with a stunning view of the mountains. Or GutsSchänke with a view of the mountains too. Good weather provided

Essential phrase in local language

Wer ist meine Urlaubsvertretung? (Who is my vacation stand-in?)

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