Agency name

Oz Global B2B

Year established


Location, country

Manof, Israel

Number of people


Breakdown of staff (approx)

Creative: 8
Strategy: 2
Account: 3
Digital: 7
New business/marketing: 2
Admin/finance: 2

Owner / MD

Orit Oz / Miri Peled

Best known clients

Amiad, BERMAD, Maytronics, Elcam

What we’re good at

Marketing is storytelling and we’ve spent more than 20 years telling our clients’ stories through compelling visuals and messaging. We view our clients as partners and have many clients who have been with us for years. We’re chameleons who change with the times, evolving to meet our clients’ needs.

Best piece of work done recently

Amiad – Masters of Filtration

From crisis to triumph. We were recently on the verge of losing one of our oldest, largest and most valued clients. As the saying goes, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going!” After an incredible team effort, we won the client back with our “Masters of Filtration” campaign. How did we do it? By speaking to the heart of their business – as technology leaders with decades of experts, they truly are the masters. Now that the concept has been approved, we’re going full steam ahead on the marketing collateral for print and online.
Winning back our client’s trust was a great achievement. Now to capture a greater marketshare with our compelling new brand promise!

Average age of employees (approx.)


Office personalities

Our [ brackets ] – they are always there, helping us to focus on the important issues and look at things from a different perspective. No one travels without them.

Rising stars (bright young things)

Amit Sakal – Apart from being a really talented designer who rises to the challenge every time, he’s always up to date with new trends (even though his twins don’t let him sleep!)
Sivan Barkai-Menahem – Our young and dynamic accounts manager juggles a wide variety of projects with energy and enthusiasm (oh, and she has twins too!)

Agency legends (which people have been there longest)

Gustavo Ismach – our VP Creative. The man & the moustache.
Born and raised at OZ.

Agency motto

Always think there is a little shark in the aquarium.

What does everyone love about the agency?

Purim (When we get to forget we’re adults, and dress up.) Think of it as Jewish Halloween. Just with alcohol!

What does everyone complain about?

The catered food (hey, we like to eat and the caterer has a hard time pleasing all of us all of the time!)

What agency traditions do you have

We do the holidays in style – Purim, Passover, New Year – we do it all.
Once a year we head out of the countryside and go on the bus to the big city. We say it’s about education (it usually is), but it’s mostly about fun.

When did you join the network?


Why did you join E3?

Well, we’re in great company. And we’ve made some great friends. But apart from that, our small country located in the middle East has a very global outlook and exports its products, services and smarts worldwide. Through being part of the E3 network, we give our clients access to knowhow and resources they really need and can benefit from.

Which other agencies have you collaborated with?

BBC, Brandigo, Agile Content

One thing everyone gets wrong about where we live

Forget what you see on the news peeps, Israel is a fun happening place. OK, there’s an ongoing security situation. When we’re worried, then you should worry.

What’s the coolest thing about Manof that no one else knows about?

Just around the corner from OZ is Pubella, a cute neighbourhood pub with great live music!

What’s the one thing you have to do here when you visit

Only one?! You gotta go float in the Dead Sea while eating a falafel with humus. (It’s OK, you won’t sink.)

Where we go after work

We’re in the hills of the Galilee, so if we’re looking for action, we head to a seaside city where there’s life after sundown!

Restaurant we take clients to

Marceto – a cool fusion restaurant in the old city of Acre. Ancient ambience, up to date yummy food.

Essential phrase for visitors in local language

Yalla! (Come on!) You’ll need to gesture with one or both hands.

Agency’s walkthrough