Agency name

Lemm en Ten Haaf /B2B creative agency
since March 2023 part of Happy Horizon, Digital Agency Group

Year established:


Location, country:

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Number of people:

15 FTE + 900 FTE Happy Horizon

Breakdown of staff (approx):

Management: 2
Creative: 6
Account: 3
Digital production: 3
Admin/finance: 1


Hans Lemm

Best known clients:

Neste, SAP, DEKRA, Rembrandt M&A, Legal People, Novo Nordisk, Novartis

What we’re good at:

We make B2B communication appealing and personal

Best piece of work done recently:

Average age of employees (approx.):


Office personalities:

Sara – sparkling project manager star, on going energy boost

Rising stars (bright young things):

Mandy Buis – always shines. Is our guiding star in projects.

Agency legends (people who have been here longest):

Hans, Quicho – Copy and Art in optima forma

Agency motto:

Life’s a pitch. And then you win another one.

What does everyone love about the agency?

That family feeling

What does everyone complain about?

Parking space, Dynamic chaos

What does everyone miss when on holidays?

Dynamic chaos

What agency traditions do you have?

We’re fully integrated with Amsterdam’s pubs and nightlife – on Friday’s.




When did you join the network?


Why did you join E3?

To expand our international reach and gain local expertise abroad.

Which other agencies have you collaborated with?


One thing everyone gets wrong about where we live:

In Amsterdam we don’t party 24/7. We sleep at least 4 hours a night.

What’s the coolest thing about Amsterdam that no one else knows about?

By boat it only takes a short trip to find yourself in Rembrandt’s world, with meadows, windmills and cows.

What’s the one thing you have to do here when you visit:

Meet us and let us show you some hidden gems of Amsterdam

Where we go after work:

Stadscafé Van Mechelen: brunch, beer, burgers – and us.

Restaurant we take clients to:

Toscanini ( and Rijks (

Essential phrase in local language

‘Kan ik bestellen?’ (‘Can I order?’)