Agency name

Corporate Name: Creative Media Co. for Information Technology ; Brand Name: EDESIGN

Year established


Location, country

Head Office: Jeddah,
Branch: Riyadh, Cairo
Saudi Arabia, Egypt

Number of people


Breakdown of staff (approx)

Creative: 6
Account: 6
Marketing: 10
Community: 13
Sales: 3
Admininstration: 6
IT: 1


CEO: Ahmed Taibah


Ahmed Taibah, Yousef AlDabbagh

Best known clients

Mercedes-Benz, Panda, Barn Café, ALJ (Abdulatif Jameel Group), ARAMCO

What we’re good at

Web Solution, eCommerce, Enterprise Solutions, Online Marketing, online advertising, Automation

Best piece of work done recently

  • 2020 Silver Steve Awards for Mercedes-Benz Personality test for Social Media Innovation Category.
  • Designed and developed a political website within a week including all the security requirement that was a hot topic for 3 weeks.

Average age of employees (approx.)


Office personalities

Abdulrazag Taher

Rising stars (bright young things)

Amira Osama – She is Digital Project Manager Assistant

Agency legends (which people have been there longest)

Ashraf Ibrahim – Accountant and book keeper.

Agency motto

Creative Media

What does everyone love about the agency?

Being a part of one big family and friendly environment.

What does everyone complain about?

Human Resources.

What agency traditions do you have?

Jeddah: Lunch together when we have a special event in office or full house
Cairo: breakfast every day at office.

When did you join the network?

2020 – October

Why did you join E3?

Improve our network and learn different experiences around the globe and expand globally.

Which other agencies have you collaborated with?

Not yet, we are still learning about them and identify opportunities for collaboration.

One thing everyone gets wrong about where we work

Very old building (50+ years) But the office inside is different.

What’s the coolest thing about Jeddah that no one else knows about?

If you get addicted to it and to its people you can’t let go.

What’s the one thing you have to do here when you visit

Try the different mix local foods. And dive in the Red Sea.

Where we go after work

Most of us to their families, and some gather in coffee shop to spend the evening together – often still talking about work!

Restaurant we take clients to

Nazomi – Japanese Cuisine: the experience and the food is unbelievable.

Angelina – French Cuisine: a sea view with the ability to have a walk to experience the sunset and the lovely breeze.

Twina Park – Seafood: a local delicious seafood while you are setting outside on the floor and eating with your both hands and experience that you can’t live without.

Essential phrase in local language

هلا بالخميس (Welcome Thursday)

Agency Introduction