Agency walkthrough

Agency name

BTL Africa

Year established


Location, country

We have presence in Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Kenya, DR Congo, and Zambia with Headquarters in Accra , Ghana

Number of people


Breakdown of staff (approx)

Mind bending underdogs (Strategy and Corporate operations): 6
The pitching geeks (Accounts): 30
The MegaMinds (Creative): 7
Beethovens of the Internet (Digital): 4
The Eternal 8 (Executive Committee): 8
Money matters only (Finance): 4
Globe Trekkers (Fleet): 6
Tech Prophets (IT): 6
Available sharks (Contract staff): 6


Gabriel Appiah

Best known clients

Twitter, Diageo, Vodafone, MTN, Unilever, Samsung, Nestle, Budweiser

What we’re good at

Taking brands to market using both traditional marketing approaches (experiential, digital, OOH) and the adoption of technology to drive consumer engagements.

Best piece of work done recently

Twitter announced its entry into Africa via Ghana recently and as part of blending into the diverse culture and heritage of Africans, we created a Photo Booth for Twitter at the annual Afrochella Music and Arts Festival. Afrochella welcomes Africans from the continent and the diaspora, and many
other internationals to a festival that celebrates Africa’s culture, music, art, fashion and food. The booth had Afrocentric elements and served as a
space for partners and guests to interact, share memories and also make new memories.

Average age of employees (approx.)


Office personalities

Edem- always has something encouraging to say
Daniel Bassaw- the go to person for motivation
Nanabanyin- the music plug
Cherubim- so enthused by technology, he wishes micro chips will be implanted in our brains
Otopea- the social media and content creation guru
Kirk- has the singular ability to turn a frown upside down

Rising stars (bright young things)

Pearl- a one-woman tornado. A sheer force of nature that doesn’t relent until the task is done.
Savvy, a millennial who represents the future of the enterprise.
Ernest, Daniel & Phillip- creative geniuses who literally can create everything out of nothing shaping consumer engagements and interactions across the continent.
Jessica- female leading a team of software developers and IT specialist to conquer the tech world.

Agency legends (which people have been there longest)

Ghizo, Eunice, Gloria, R. Yeboah, Pearl – legends hall of fame

Agency motto

Think. Create. Win

What does everyone love about the agency?

The sense of ownership. How everyone tends to own their responsibilities, shortcomings and wins.

What does everyone complain about?

No water in the dispenser! Seriously though, we’re still looking for the people who always finish it.

What agency traditions do you have?

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings, everyone has to meet at the forecourt and share how they are feeling by rating their moods on the scale of 1-5 with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. This helps us identify how everyone is feeling and also helps in motivating and uplifting each other.

When did you join the network?


Why did you join E3?

Joining E3 meant that we became a part of an international network of brand strategy and communication agencies which fits into our vision of becoming the most influential corporate marketing media and technology conglomerate in Africa.

Which other agencies have you collaborated with?

Dentsu AEGIS, Advertising Association of Ghana, African Partner Pool, Invest in Africa

One thing everyone gets wrong about where we live

Why are there so many people in Accra? It is unbelievably fascinating.
Also Lusaka the capital city of Zambia ,often people have this strange idea that its a big city with bright lights and fancy highways like the likes of other cities in Africa its actually not its still has the pre colonial buildings ,every suburbs has a township behind this defines our ubutuness we still possess

What’s the coolest thing about some of our locations that no one else knows about?

Freetown, Sierra Leone is home to an ancient and historic cotton tree which experts believe is not only the oldest such but may be the world’s oldest one. Whew! It is so old, modern day citizens sometimes routinely make offerings and pray to their ancestors under the cotton tree.
The word Accra comes from the word “Nkran” which means ants, referring to the many soldier ant hills found in the countryside.
Lusaka was one of the main Hubs for freedom fighters hence all these houses where former presidents …likes of KK.Thabo Mbeki etc live. it was not the first choice but because of the peace we have enjoyed. It’s one of the safest cities in Africa.

What’s the one thing you have to do here when you visit:

The night life in Accra is amazing. Ghanainan music is bound to make you move your body even if you don’t want to. Osu is the best place to be at night. It is the city that never sleeps.
While you’re there, make sure to try the popular Ghanaian Jollof, even Ed Sheeran has confessed it’s the best.
In Lusaka, try our local beer Mosi (the beer that thunders )
Did you really visit Kenya if you didn’t have the ultimate safari experience? It’s a once in a lifetime kind of experience. And the nightlife!!!

Where we go after work

Traffic in Accra can get crazy, We like to go eat some catfish after work or some Banku and Tilapia just to while away time. There’s something about being African and craving food with a lot of pepper. You can never go wrong. We usually crown it off with some drinks before we head home.
Here in the DR Congo, Kinshasa is the best place for nightlife if you ask me. The local music scene is thriving and there are hundreds of dance clubs in Kinshasa. For us, it is not just a matter of going out after work, it is about the bonds we form outside of work.

Restaurant we take clients to

In Liberia, we have these neighbourhood restaurants that serve Liberian potato greens (traditional spicy sweet-potato-greens). This dish does all the magic with our clients. Trust me!
In Zambia, Grandaddays ,Latitude ,Marlins ,Cloud Nine and Matebeto for the local traditional food
In Ghana, nothing screams fancy than having a meeting with client over some food and drinks at the Capitol Restaurant. Another feel good thing is “Dimensa”, a fantastic indeginous restaurant to eat some amazing local African foods and talk business.

Essential phrase in local language

Want to strike a conversation with a total stranger in Ghana? Just say “Charle wossop?”
Transliterally, Charle means “dude, buddy, mate or friend” and before you know it, you’re laughing your hearts out.
When the locals in Kenya try to get you to join the party, try to remember the phrase “Mait az chip” loosely translated to “ may as well” because sometimes you’ve just got to join in on the fun.
In Zambia, Zikomo (thank you) always with a smile