Agency name


Year established

December 2009


Bremen, Germany

How many people work at Bernstein?


What do they do?

Graphic: 17
Text: 4
Consulting: 14
Strategist: 1
Admin/Finance: 5
Company management: 4
Content Expierence: 2
Final artwork/ DTP: 2

Who's the boss?

Dirk Assent

Best known clients

Bayer AG, Tesa SE (Beiersdorf)

What are you good at?

“Fucking delicious” ideas, creative strategies and extraordinary brand management. In short everything about communication: concept, strategy, communication, cooperation, cohesion.

Best piece of work done recently?

Take a look at our website and decide for yourself. It’s all magnificent.

Average age of employees (approx.):


Who are the office personalities?

Tómas! Plays guitar like an angel.
Hannes! He can do really impressive gymnastics, like a handstand.

Rising stars

“Bernsteine” – all shine together especially brightly

Agency legends

Christel has been with the agency for over 40 years (she was already part of the “inventory” when the management buy-out happened in 2009)

Agency motto

Fucking delicious

What does everyone love about the agency?

The people.
Crazy people, lovely people, super talents, exciting jobs, extraordinary projects, internationality, top teamwork
The cordiality, helpfulness, open-mindedness and the trust to each other characterizes our team spirit. So our good working atmosphere leads to a lot of fun and a feeling of well being together.

What does everyone complain about?

Cleaning the kitchen…

What agency traditions do you have?

We have a summer and Christmas party every year. Also we have a special Northern German tradition called “Kohlfahrt”. You can Google it if you want to 😉

When did you join the network?


Why did you join E3?

(Dirk)” I would say that, I am open-minded, cosmopolitan person.
I see myself not as a resident of Germany, but of the world.
So I like being connected with other people in the world’s population.”

Which other agencies have you collaborated with?

Towa, Brandigo, BBC, Schindler Parent, Ansel & Möllers

One thing everyone gets wrong about where we live

Bremen is always cold and wet

What’s the coolest thing about Bremen that no one else knows about?

Fact 1: In Bremen there are over 600 bridges – in Venice there are only about 450! So Bremen is the real city of love
Fact 2: It has been said that the German fast food “Rollo” was invented in Bremen!
And also we have the key to the world but shhh…

What’s the one thing you have to do here when you visit?

Touch the donkey from the Bremen Town Musicians statue and make a wish – maybe it will be fulfilled. “The Bremen Town Musicians” is a folk tale of the Brothers Grimm.

And also all the seasonal events such as the Bremen Christmas market, the Breminale and the Freimarkt are Bremer traditions you have to attend!

Where do you go after work?

We often go to Jaya together. Authentic Asian cuisine.

Restaurant we take clients to

Only to the best ones.. but always somewhere different

Essential phrase in local language

“Moin” that’s how we say hello in Bremen; some non-locals also use “Moin Moin” but this is considered “too chatty” by the Natives.