BOI Awards: a new look for 2023!

A summary of changes to the E3 BOI Awards for 2023

Hollywood has the Oscars. The music industry has its Grammy awards. But if there is one accolade that gets E3 agencies excited every year, it is the Best Of International Awards. And this year, they have a slightly different format and a new category that is more reflective of modern business.

A faster, slicker process

Each agency enters their best piece of work from the previous 12 months. The work is presented live at the AGM and there is a six-minute window for each presentation. It can be in any format – either a live presentation, video or any other format. You just need to have finished before Jordan’s timer goes off.

The presentation is then followed by a short Q&A, where we can either ask questions about the work, or offer ideas on how the campaign might be extended – either into a new region or by using different services or technologies. This way, delegates find out more about the work, and the presenting agency has useful feedback to discuss with their client.

All you have to do is to email us here and tell us you will be entering – and then work on your presentation!

NEW: The BOI Sustainability award

The theme for the Denmark AGM is Sustainability in B2B Marketing – so we have a great opportunity to add a new award to make the Best Of International awards more relevant than ever. The Sustainability Award will recognise the efforts that agencies have made in the ESG space, so we will ask agencies to submit a form describing one initiative or example. These will be judged by mancom before the AGM and agencies will be awarded either Gold, Silver or Bronze at the event, where the top 3 agencies will be invited to discuss their entries in a Q&A.

To enter the award, please complete this form before 12th May.

Good luck!

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