E3 international agency network

A global community of agency members

E3 is an international network of independent brand strategy and communication agencies. Our cultural knowledge and vast range of skills give efficient access to the right talent for international challenges. This enables E3 clients to meet their brand and sales growth objectives for each of their geographical markets in a simplified, effective and unified way. Local and global, just the way our clients want and need it, helping to accelerate their time-to-market considerably.

Today E3 is a vibrant network that enables our clients to take a centralized approach to international marketing.

A Brief History of E3 Network


E3 Network started as an idea among a group of agencies in five European countries. Following an invitation by Otto Pril in the fall of 1977, agency principals from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, England and Switzerland met in Venlo, NL to discuss the possibility of building a European network and formalizing their association.

The group soon developed by-laws and regulations and set about creating a limited company based in Switzerland. However, new legal restrictions imposed by the Swiss Government to curb the influx of foreign capital almost brought an end to the project. A solution was found when the group accepted the advice of a Swiss lawyer in forming an association instead of a company. The following spring, the new group held a meeting in Switzerland where the first draft of the by-laws was presented.

In 1978, at a second meeting in Germany, the by-laws were approved and signed, putting E3 officially on the European map. The association was named the E3 European Agency Network, after the highway E3, which connected Stockholm to Lisbon before the numbers were reassigned. That same year, Ed Bouchard was elected the first President of the Association, and the network set about creating a logo and brochure, and attracting new members.

In 1981, E3 teamed up with the North American Advertising Agency Network (NAAN), a network with a similar philosophy, giving E3 members immediate access to the giant North American market.

By 1985 it became obvious that the one-agency-per-country philosophy had to be reconsidered as the member/benefit ratio wasn’t working. A proposal to change member admission policy as well as admission fee and annual dues structures was eventually adopted at the 1987 AGM, and opened the door for network growth, which continues today.

Thanks to the globalization of communication and new digital technologies, the E3 network is becoming even more a truly global network. In 2010, Aloft (based in Boston, USA), was the first non-European agency to become full member of E3, followed by several agencies from other continents.