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Video is central to effective brand storytelling. Yet a video that proves popular in one market will fail to engage in another. E3 Network agencies offer services in a number of languages and countries, and understand how video can be used to reach out to audiences in all kinds of geographies and cultures.

Why use video?

  • Your customers want it. The trend for video is growing, and studies indicate your customers want it.Not delivering it only means that someone else will.
  • Better branding. Videos let you present your brand message in a very effective and emotional way. With moving image, you can get your point across quickly regardless of language or culture.
  • Efficient messaging. Video lets you communicate information more quickly. Watching a minute of video is the equivalent of reading 1.8 million words.
  • Highly sharable. Videos are among the most shared type of content on the internet. Creating a video increases the chances that your content will be shared.
  • Multi-channel use. You can use the same video across multiple channels, such as your website, YouTube, social media and even email marketing, waiting rooms and trade shows.


Types of video content

E3 agencies can produce a variety of moving image videos, from animations to film to recorded webinars using a variety of methods, including:

  1. Tutorial (Demo) Videos. This can include a way to show your customers how to do something more efficiently or demonstrate steps for using your product.
  2. Testimonials. There is no more effective endorsement of your product than a customer testimonial. Select some happy customers and interview them online.
  3. Animations. Ranging from professional illustrations to still shots with animated effects, this type of video can greatly expand your visual library. Consider developing a brand character or telling the story of your origination. (Link to origin story blog)
  4. Webinar videos. Consider recording your customer webinars or training meetings and creating webinar videos. A bit of editing and text overlay can make them ready for public consumption.
  5. Product reviews. Product review videos are a staple of the corporate world for good reason: they work. Introduce your new products with video explanation and feature demos.
  6. Interviews. Interviews with your brand experts are a great way to establish thought leadership in your market and showcase your expertise, while putting a face behind the brand.


Need help creating a video?

If you want to explore ways to use video for your brand or company, contact E3 network. We can help you find an agency that meets your needs and speaks your language.