E3 international agency network

The growth and transformation in the travel and tourism industry in recent years has been remarkable, and the rise of online marketing has made it both inexpensive and convenient for travellers to find the perfect travel package, whether for business or leisure.

The same globalisation trend that has made travel both easier and more desirable is the same one that has driven the success of the E3 international network. Together, we help brands to expand across the world because we understand the needs and motivations of customers in many different international markets, with particular emphasis on the online marketing tools required to drive business levels.

Online tourism brings a supplier or service provider directly in front of a group of customers no matter where in the world they are located. Not only does this create a new level of competition for travel and services for local businesses, it provides an opportunity to forge stronger ties with customers and provide a level of service and experience never seen before. Tourism companies are increasing sales, adding value, and getting closer to customers by creating a continuous dialogue, reducing costs and extending their brand across the globe.

Direct bookings, electronic payments, loyalty rewards, review/rating platforms, and price comparisons are just some of the developments that have made online travel and tourism thrive. A wide range of tourism products and services have become part of this new eco-system, including airlines, hotels, restaurants, adventure tours, activity centers, concerts, festivals, shopping centers, and many more.

As a result, the competitive advantages some destinations may have once possessed are no longer purely organic, but driven by changes in the online ecosystem: Google search, social media, video, photo sharing and review sites play an increasingly important role.


How can you compete?

Not only it is essential to build a strong brand, but you need a strong online and social media strategy, and E3 agencies have plenty of experience of doing this for travel and tourism brands.


Get in touch with your local E3 agency to see how you can tap into the combined experience and expertise of the E3 network.