E3 international agency network

Public sector and government marketing communications requires understanding the complex dynamic of public opinion, politics, policies and legal issues. E3 Network agencies offer expertise and experience in this area.


Navigating the choppy waters of public sector communications

Market dynamics such as the rise of a global economy and technology advances have created challenges for public organizations, including increased public demands and the need to provide more social services with fewer resources. At the same time, the demand for greater governmental transparency and criticism of failures has led to an increased need for communications that generate public support for new (and existing programs). Navigating this complex dynamic of public sector stakeholders is no easy job. Creating effective marketing campaigns in a budget-conscious environment with continuous public scrutiny demands a clear set of goals, follow-through on objectives and delivery of measurable results.


E3 has experience of working in all key 4 levels of the public sector, ie:

  • International (multistate entities or partnerships).
  • National (an independent state).
  • Regional (a province/state within a national state).
  • Local (a municipal-level body such as a city or county).


More specifically, we have worked with:

  • School districts and programs
  • Public safety offices (local and national)
  • Health and medical boards (national and regional governments)
  • Public utilities (water, electric, gas)
  • Public enterprises (such as railroad operators)
  • State businesses (such as state lotteries or package stores (alchohol)


We also understand the need to communicate with different audiences, including:

  • Retail customers (for paid public services such as post office or state liquor stores)
  • Taxpayers
  • Industry associations
  • Local governments
  • Unions
  • Media



Get in touch with your local E3 agency to see how you can tap into the combined experience and expertise of the E3 network.