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From recruitment to new employee orientation to sharing negative news, HR communication is an essential element for successful business, and an important focus of many E3 network agencies. Employee satisfaction and positive morale start with good communication between the human resources department and employees. A program of good HR communication helps create an atmosphere where employees feel appreciated and valued, which leads to better productivity and performance.

Recruitment, retention and communication

The only way to recruit and retain the right people is by aligning your external and internal communication efforts. A successful employer brand is truthful: it realistically conveys the way employers and candidates experience the company, but does so in a creative way that speaks to the imagination. It’s all about making the right promises – and keeping them.

An employer brand involves the contribution of management, marketing and HR. Here lies your first challenge: all three players have to agree on the company’s one and only true image as an employer. If not, you risk communicating an image that does not correspond with how employees experience you as an employer, and you risk losing good new employees.

Employer branding workshops

One important way to do this successfully is to conduct an employer-branding workshop with all the key players involved. Getting the right people at the table will give you a better picture of the company’s culture, its history, its playing ground, its ambition, its heart – and help you clearly define its strengths and weaknesses as an employer.

This input is pure gold for your new employer brand – and your project. A workshop also helps align different views at the table at an early stage of your project. It’s hard work, but the right kind of exercises generate great information. The output of your workshop is the perfect input for strategy and creation.

E3 Agencies around the world have decades of successful experience running employer branding workshops and developing strong employer brands.

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