E3 international agency network

Marketing for homeware and furniture manufacturing industries can include both B2B and B2C marketing campaigns. E3 network agencies around the world have experience launching international brands in local markets.


Understanding the market for homeware and furniture

Companies in the homeware and furniture industry manufacture consumer products that include kitchen utensils and gadgets as well as collectibles, giftware, and small electronic appliances. Housewares and furniture are typically sold through specialty retailers, department stores, and home furnishings outlets. The B2B marketing side may include promotions and campaigns toward hotels, real estate management companies, architectures, designers or hospitals and universities.


Choosing the right channels

For furniture and homeware manufacturers, online and direct-response marketing are growing tools of the trade. For many in this category, keeping production costs lean and measuring ROI are key factors in success. Working with Google both in ads and search, with consumer knowledge built into keyword campaigns can be highly effective.

E3 agencies around the globe have experience with a variety of brands in this sector, and have worked to generate floor and online traffic through events, special promotions, digital programs and inserts.



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