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Diversity is your greatest challenge.
Luckily, it is also our greatest strength.

Cultural, linguistic, legal and economic differences make international marketing a minefield. E3 is a network of independent agencies around the world who can help you exploit global opportunities by planning, supporting and executing your international marketing activities. And it starts here.

e3 in Germany

ROOTS 48 GmbH is a FullService B2B agency based in Duisburg, the center of the metropolitan region Rhein-Ruhr, the largest economic center in Germany. Established in 1948, we can offer 70 years experience of B2B ideas and more. Hand in hand with our partner agencies e/DNA (digital) and ChiCoDu (China communication) and brand2web (social media) we can feature a great number of competences from classical B2B communication over tailor-made digital solutions and social media, up to meaningful connections between the regions Rhein-Ruhr and China, consolidated in one location.

Hans-Pfitzner-Straße 31,
D-47057 Duisburg
Tel: +49 (0) 203 - 99 3 77-0

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ask Marco Pfotenhauer @ ROOTS 48 GmbH

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