E3 international agency network

E3 agencies have a broad range of experience serving the food and beverage industry, ranging from retail branding and advertising campaigns to B2B services for packing suppliers and ingredient manufacturers.


Spicing up marketing for the food and beverage industry

The food and beverage market internationally is one of the largest and most essential markets of all. People will always need to eat. Yet, the diversity of products and services found in the food and beverage sector is huge, ranging from exotic imports, diet and health foods, and convenience foods, to soft drinks, beer, wine, and spirits, and local farm-raised produce.

The sector also incorporates businesses that serve the food industry in ingredient manufacturing, packaging, and retail distribution. Understanding the variety of target audiences and factors that influence buying decisions at every level of the food manufacturing and distribution chain is critical when planning a marketing campaign within this sector.


A range of international brand experience

E3 agencies have a broad range of international experience in a variety of areas of the food and beverage industry. From preparing brand strategy, to identity, to product launch plans, E3 agencies have created campaigns and brand identities that have won awards and wowed the public.


Aside from retail distribution, E3 agencies are also familiar with the ins-and-outs of the B2B aspects of the food and beverage industry. With agencies in many countries around the world, E3 can provide both the language and cultural insights needed to launch an international campaign in local markets.


Key industry issues

E3 agencies also stay up to date on the most pressing issues in the industry, including:

  • Health and nutrition concerns (including obesity)
  • Food trends such as low-fat, dairy-free, and low-carb eating
  • Food allergies and intolerance issues
  • Growing trends toward gluten-free foods
  • International food and beverage habits
  • GMO awareness and impact on food sales
  • Raw food and nutrition trends
  • Governmental nutrition guidelines
  • Health eating strategies
  • The future of eating
  • The evolution of private label
  • Snacking around the world
  • The science of nutrition and food packaging
  • The many facets of convenience food and packaging


Planning campaigns and brand positioning

From strategic planning and brand positioning to creation of tactical elements of an advertising campaign or packaging design for retail distribution, E3 agencies have experience in all aspects of the food and beverage market. Our services include marketing, advertising, package design, identity and logo development, branding and more.


Get in touch with your local E3 agency to see how you can tap into the combined experience and expertise of the E3 network.