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E3 Network agencies offer experience and expertise in marketing the arts, culture and entertainment industries including design, photography, digital and event marketing.

Beauty in the Eye: For Arts, Culture and Entertainment Marketing 

Marketing the arts, culture and entertainment industries means not only understanding and appreciating the unique perspective of art and artists, but being able to make it accessible to the masses.

In today’s world, that means heavy involvement in digital media, including social media and online marketing for all types of arts, culture and entertainment industries – which vary enormously from country to country.

National and international cultural experience

E3 network agencies have experience creating campaigns and promotions for all types of arts and entertainment figures around the world, as well as working with brands for sponsorships and placement opportunities sin the entertainment industry.

With agencies located in countries around the globe, E3 offers a unique international cultural perspective on the arts and entertainment world that places value national and indigenous cultural heritage in the arts, rather than a singular globalization.

Marketing services for the arts industry

Marketing services offered by E3 network agencies for the arts and entertainment industry, include:

  • research, analysis, strategy and planning
  • photography and video
  • package, label and program design
  • website development,
  • print and digital campaign management
  • social media engagement and online promotions
  • event planning and management
  • merchandising and publishing services


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