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Effective content marketing requires understanding what your target audience wants, but also knowing what content will draw an international audience to you. E3 Network agencies around the world can help you create the content that resonates with your audience and delivers traffic to your website using inbound marketing techniques.


An international approach to content marketing

Creating good content that helps people understand your products or services, frames key decision points, and positions your products positively, has always been essential to marketing.

As content marketing strategies become more sophisticated it has become more important than ever to coordinate content across different international markets. Taking an international perspective on content marketing helps you ensure that customers have access to relevant content throughout your different international markets, and maximises your use of content budget.

E3 network offers experts who can create and localize content for markets around the world. Some important considerations when launching an international content marketing campaign are:

  • Localize your content for search engines. English may be a “universal” language for business, but if you want to reach local audiences, in most cases, you need to develop your content in the local language as well. Local language content is not only important to attract the right audience, but also to ensure search engine indexing in the native language. E3 member agencies across the globe offer native language content development services in more than 20 languages, including German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Chinese and more.
  • Create relevant customer profiles. Key to creating effective content is developing profiles of the target personas for your product. A local expert can help you better understand what the issues, concerns and buying decisions look like in the local market.
  • Spread the message locally. Promoting the great content you create via online channels and social media is an essential component to any inbound marketing program. In some cases, the most effective way to reach people will be in their native language.
  • Specify your English content. In addition to localization, creating content in English that appeals to a broader international audience is essential. Create a specific policy and plan for how to manage content in English and local languages, including via social media, website, blog and other channels.

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