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For decades, channel marketing has been the predominant form of distribution in the building materials and construction industry, but the winds of change are blowing. New marketing efforts that educate end-users are becoming increasingly important.

Changes in the construction and building materials market

End users are becoming more informed and brand aware, which provides both opportunities and challenges for building materials manufacturers in bringing their brands to market. E3 agencies understand the dynamics at play in this changing market and how brands can position themselves for success in a more consumer-driven market, while also helping companies develop stronger channel-drive sales programs that shore up their key revenue streams.

Content in the information age

For companies in the building materials market, whether talking to professionals such as architects, engineers and builders, or end users (such as home owners) finding the right tone of voice for each stakeholder message is important.

Building materials brands need to develop separate strategies for selling to builders, big box stores, showroom dealers, lumber dealers, contractors, architects, distributors, as well as facility managers, building managers, and homeowners. And of course, the importance of each group of stakeholders varies from country to country.

E3 agencies understand the different buying dynamics in overseas markets, and can advise on:

  • Understanding the differences between how commercial and residential channels work
  • Recognizing the importance of key influencers, and using their knowledge and power to your advantage
  • Avoiding common mistakes in branding, positioning and tradeshow exhibitions
  • Identifying how sustainable and green construction issues can affect your brand

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