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At each E3 event, we invite speakers to talk about the latest thinking in marketing..

In Gothenburg earlier this year, we went one better. By inviting Erik Modig to talk about creativity in marketing, we heard a summary of the best thinking of the top 100 marketing books published in the last 20 years.

Erik’s a smart guy. He works as assistant professor within the field of market communication and consumer psychology at Stockholm School of Economics. And Erik has read, digested and dissected each of those 100 books, extracting a total of 434 different strategies and combining them in a formula that can be applied to the work that we do every day on behalf of our clients. Although these books were written in different languages, at different times, and in a variety of contexts, he has brought them together.

The result: an uber-book. A condensation and harmonization of the best thinking known to the marketing world. The world’s sharpest marketing minds in a single volume. And this book will be released later this Autumn.

So why waste time and money reading the originals when you only need to buy and read one book?

More to the point, why pay full price for that book, when E3 has negotiated a discount for you?

Email Erik at mail@erikmodig.com with the promo code ”E3” and you get the chance to buy the English edition straight from the press before anyone else – and at a 20% discount.

See Erik explain more in the video below.

Bang for the buck with Erik Modig from 24h Marketing AB on Vimeo.


SAVE 20%

Get 20% off the price of one of the most remarkable marketing books of the year. Email Erik at mail@erikmodig.com with the promo code ”E3”