E3 international agency network

E3 Bootcamps are free events, included in the E3 membership, designed to enhance our skills and make us even better at the jobs we do in our agencies.

E3 network agencies contain a lot of experienced, talented people. And our non-competitive, nurturing attitude means we can bring these people together to share ideas and pick up new techniques – to the benefit of all.

What can you learn from E3 Bootcamps?
Each Bootcamp event will focus on a key agency discipline in turn, such as creativity, client development, project management, virtual marketing etc. Attendees will typically cover topics such as:

  • What techniques do other agencies use in this area?
  • What problems do they face?
  • How do they overcome these problems?
  • How does technology support this role, and what are the latest developments?
  • What is best practice for best results?
  • What information and advice can we take back to our own agencies and share?

Two days of valuable work and great company
Each event will be hosted by a nominated agency and will last two days. The local E3 agency will oversee and coordinate activities, but these will be highly participative events – we are learning from each other. For that reason, attendees will need good English language. Events may also involve external experts and presenters or clients of the local agency. Attendees will cover their own travel and accommodation costs, but the venue, meals and drinks will all be funded by E3.

Inspiration over supper
Because E3 is about people, a key part of each Bootcamp agenda is the “What If” Dinner on the evening of the first day. Inspired by the day’s discussions, attendees are encouraged to relax over drinks and supper (the bill’s on us, don’t worry) and explore some more imaginative ideas relevant to their field.

Are Bootcamp events for you?
If you want to gain knowledge and pick up insights from people across the world who face the same challenges in their working lives as you do, these events are definitely for you. Each Bootcamp event is an opportunity like no other to find out how people like us do our jobs – and how we can help each other to reach higher levels of excellence. Oh, and it’s also about having a great time while we’re there. We hope you will get involved – talk to your E3 agent or manager and let’s make it happen.

When is the first E3 Bootcamp?
The first event in the series – E3 Bootcamp #1: The E3 Designer Sessions – will take place on Thursday and Friday 24-25 November in Ghent, Belgium. All members are very welcome to attend – it promises to be both useful and enjoyable!