E3 international agency network

E3 Agents are a key part of the E3 network – and it is a 12-month role open to anyone working for an E3 agency. It could be you!

The main reason for nominating an E3 agent at each of the E3 member agencies is to support collaboration between agencies. Each agency has strengths, experiences, and knowledge that we can share. These strengths may include skills in a certain technology (eg virtual events, 3D animation), or it might be knowledge of a certain industry sector or client. And of course we all know our own national markets so well, that this can also be very useful.

But if you want to reach out to an agency, who do you speak to? There are many excellent personal friendships between E3 agencies, especially those who attend the regular meetings. But if you don’t know someone personally, you start with the E3 agent.

There is a list of current E3 agents here, and they are without exception wonderful people.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Being a first point of contact for enquiries.
  • Passing on major agency news as part of editorial team for the Catch Up newsletter
  • Updating the E3 client reference list with main agency clients

Agents are usually well established within an agency (so they understand who to pass any enquiry onto) and are good English speakers (so they understand everything else). It is also a yearly role, so agents hold the role for 12 months when they can choose to go on for another year or give someone else a go.

Many agents also attend E3 events, such as AGMs, EGMs and Bootcamp sessions, as well as helping in the organization when they host these events. Which makes it not only an important role, but also a very rewarding one.

Would you like to be the E3 agent for your agency? Simply speak to your senior managers and put your name forward.