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Recommended Finland, the E3 agency based in Helsinki, was asked by the Finnish Road Safety Council to help them reduce the number of drink-related accidents amongst young people.

Their research showed them that 1 in 4 young people thought drink-driving was acceptable. However, a higher number said they would prevent their friends from drink-driving. The idea of the campaign was therefore not to target the drivers themselves – but their friends.

Recommended Finland produced short films like the one above, which was shown on TV, in cinemas and on social media. But they went further, including well-known vloggers in the campaign and, importantly, offering the iconic pink sunglasses worn in the film as free giveaways at events aimed at young people. The recognition of these distinctive sunglasses helped to extend the effect of the campaign beyond the video.

Research proved the effectiveness of the campaign: 98% of young people surveyed understood the message, and 78% said they now felt it important to stop friends drinking and driving.

Proving that, this summer in Finland at least, pink sunglasses did save lives.


See the full campaign details here:

#bebrave campaign presentation