E3 international agency network

As we all know, the physical meetings that E3 members used to enjoy are temporarily suspended – but that doesn’t stop us sharing information and working together for our mutual benefit. In fact, the meeting in October is dedicated to exactly that: collaboration.

We will spend a relaxed couple of hours together where we will not only hear from fellow E3 members on how their year has gone so far, and the challenges they faced and the successes they have enjoyed – we will also look more closely into the topic of E3 agencies working together. We will investigate why E3 agencies work together and what they gain out of it, and we will share our learnings on how to make collaborations as smooth and as profitable as possible.

You are, of course, encouraged to attend. Come and share a moment with your E3 friends and find out more about how we work together!

Join meeting here from 14h30 on 28/10/2021:

When: Thursday 28 October 14h00-16h30 CET
Where: Online via Zoom (link here)




Thursday, October 28, 2021, time slots are GMT+1:


14.00   Welcome/opening remarks – Michael Meier
Intro to the topic: Different Colours of Collaboration – John Bottom


14.15    Virtual Round Table: please be prepared to give us a 2 min wrap-up of

  • your situation,
  • what are your biggest challenges and
  • what is your biggest success in 2021 so far.


Also please give us 30 seconds on

  • what your agency is most likely to bring to a collaboration, and
  • what you are most likely to want to gain from a collaboration.


15.10    BBC & TMP: Account-based Marketing goes international via E3

OZ & Innovation Protocol: Joining Forces on a Binational Brand Project


Open discussion


16.10    The E3 Client Cases List:

  • Context
  • Short Demo and
  • How to enter Your Contribution


16.30    Official End