E3 international agency network

La Borghesiana Romana, a secluded venue nestled in the hills just outside Rome, will be the setting in April for a long-awaited event. After a two-year break, enforced by COVID restrictions, E3 members have an opportunity to meet once more.

As always, the event is planned because it is often the human relationships between E3 agencies that make the network successful. By meeting, talking, sharing ideas and plans for the future, we all become stronger with our international friends alongside us. And, as we rebuild in the post-COVID world, the inspiration and innovation that comes from pooling our expertise is invaluable.

As Michael Meier, E3 President explained in a recent email to members: “As you all know, E3 has not been the same since Corona. Our two annual conferences have always been central to developing relationships between agencies, establishing friendships and, last, but not least, enabling us to learn from each other.”

“Our three virtual events have helped us to stay in contact, but I believe we all feel the need to meet again. In the talks I had with members over the past few months, many of you have expressed the wish to meet again personally, with all the necessary precautions.”

And so it is that E3 plans to meet in April in Italy. But we cannot assume that everything is normal again – or indeed that everyone will be willing and able to travel. “Taking into account the existing travel restrictions and the uncertainty re Corono/Omicron etc, we would like to propose a hybrid event where those that can and will travel will meet up, and those who cannot or prefer not to travel can take part in the sessions virtually or watch a recording.”

In this way, we hope that E3 can come together once more – whether virtually or physically – and strengthen the relationships that are so valuable to all of us.

Find more information on the venue here: https://www.chateauform.com/en/house/la-borghesiana-romana/