E3 international agency network

There are no losers at the BOI Awards. E3 agencies come together to show off their best campaigns of the previous 12 months so that we can see their ideas, learn from them and pick up tips that we can all use on our own campaigns. Everyone wins.

However, the voting needs to take place in order to sort out the very best that are worthy of Gold. So delegates at the 2019 AGM in Oxford made their judgements, and via a complex voting system that only Anton truly understands, two agencies won Gold: BBC (Belgium) for their DS Smith campaign, and The Marketing Practice (our hosts in the UK) for their SagePay videos.

The presentations for the cases are also available on the E3 Google Drive here.

The results were announced at an event held on the River Thames in Oxford on 25 May, and the certificates presented by E3 President Michael Meier (Schindler Parent, Germany) and E3 Treasurer, Anton Loos. See below for photos of the winners. At the risk of labouring the point, that means all of them.