E3 international agency network

It’s been a tough year but our agencies have survived so far!

But in order to succeed in such difficult times, things have had to change. We have all had to adapt. But how?

This is why we have chosen the theme of Evolution for our 2021 AGM, to be held online from 2.00-4PM (CET) on 20 May

We have been in touch with all agencies – via owners and Agents – asking what were the new ideas, techniques and working practices that have become essential over the last year. Because E3 is a non-competitive collective of like-minded, innovative (and extremely friendly) marketing professionals, these ideas will be shared and explained at the online AGM – to which you are warmly invited.

What will I learn?

When we talk to agencies about how the business world has changed, three key topics keep coming up – and E3 agencies have come up with some excellent solutions, which will be shared at the AGM:

Adding magic to online meetings

Client meetings are essential to our work – but over the last year these have necessarily been virtual instead of real. And we all know that having workshops with clients can get really difficult and unproductive – not to mention boring – when you’re not in the same room. E3 agencies, such as BBC and Oz Branding have found some tools that solve the problem. Listen to how your E3 colleagues have used products like Miro and Mentimeter to make online workshops really work.

How to create stunning virtual worlds

The other big challenge has been helping our clients communicate with their customers when every tradeshow, exhibition and physical event has been cancelled. Again, E3 agencies have found a way around the problem with virtual studios and online exhibitions. Agencies such as Cordovan, BDB, Happy and EDESIGN have all had great success with their virtual events – and now you can hear how it’s done from some of E3’s leading exponents.

Remote motivation: keeping the culture going

When everyone is working at home, the agency culture can suffer. We miss the conversation, we miss the friendship. But there are ways to solve this problem too. Mike Golden and Matt Bowen of Brandigo look at remote motivation and what agencies have been doing to keep that culture going.

But that’s not all…

A key part of the AGM is the interaction between agencies in different countries. And because we cannot expect a hundred people to share a single conversation (imagine that?) we will be breaking into random groups of about six people for 10-minute break-out sessions. Each group will be given something to think about, and a chance to get to know each other. Nothing too difficult, but an opportunity to learn further, share ideas, and to meet some new E3 friends!

Save the date now

So if you didn’t know what you were doing on the afternoon of 20 May between 2pm and 4pm (CET), we hope you do now. Put it in your diary and look out for the Zoom invitation link, which will be sent out to everyone the week before the event.

Then all you have to do is log in, get yourself a coffee (or beer?) and sit back and enjoy the company and advice of E3 friends. We look forward to seeing you there!