E3 international agency network

E3 agencies have decades of experience in B2B communications for the automotive sector, including OEM & automotive suppliers, assembly line and manufacturing.

Effective communication for automotive industry suppliers

Marketing communications in the automotive sector goes beyond retail purchasing for new cars. E3’s B2B experience in the assembly, parts and production areas of the automotive sector has helped develop close relationships between OEMs and some of the automotive industries leading suppliers.

With an understanding of the OEM client base as well as automotive supplier goals, E3 agencies can provide communications strategies that bridge the gap between retail and B2B messaging.
Integrated messaging across channels

E3 agencies provide automotive clients with complete integrated messaging that works from the tradeshow floor to websites to direct mail. Whether in the automotive aftermarket or as direct suppliers to OEMs, automobile sector companies are entering the marketplace with a need for branding.

If you’re looking for an agency to help you differentiate your brand in the well-funded and highly competitive automotive sector, the E3 network can help you.

E3 agencies can provide support in:

  • Developing a brand-oriented strategy for the future
  • Creating a brand image that meets consumer expectations
  • Aligning brand goals with client supplier goals
  • Selecting marketing media and advertising
  • Providing input and feedback about customer needs

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