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PRESS RELEASE – Meersburg, Germany 15th May 2020

The real value of virtual meetings: how E3 network agencies are supporting each other through the COVID-19 crisis.

On Thursday 14th May, over 70 marketing professionals from more than 20 different countries dialled into a Zoom meeting. Each of the participants was a member of E3 Agency Network and the online meeting replaced the E3 Network’s Annual General Meeting that would have taken place in Meersburg, Germany over this weekend, but which for obvious reasons did not.

Despite our physical separation, the digital meeting brought valuable information to participants. We learned:

  • how different industries are affected by the crisis
  • tips on how to support clients whose business is impacted
  • how to turn a negative situation into an opportunity for growth
  • steps that agencies are taking to support employees in remote working
  • new digital tools and techniques – both to improve client business and to enhance agency/client relationships
  • how to create a virtual studio
  • how to keep spirits up!

The non-competitive environment of E3, and the trusted relationships that exist between member agencies, enabled participants to share ideas freely. Participants left the meeting armed with new and valuable ideas on how to survive – and even thrive – in this challenging business landscape. Virtual meetings have become a way of life, but it was unanimously agreed that this was one of the most fruitful Zoom meetings of recent times. In the words of Matt Bowen, of Brandigo USA: “We are all pretty Zoomed out these days – but this one was really useful!”

From a human point of view, it was also a hugely positive experience to see friends and colleagues, and further build the trust that then promotes collaboration between agencies, to the benefit of the agencies themselves and their clients.

Following the success of the event – and aware of the environmental benefit of virtual meetings over physical events – the Network is investigating ways to manage its annual awards programme across digital channels, and to hold future workshops online.


About E3

Founded in 1987, E3 is a global agency network that brings together 25 independent advertising, branding and communications agencies from all cultures and all continents. Through trusted relationships, built via regular meetings and communications, we enable close international collaboration for the added benefit of our clients and increased profitability of our members. The network also provides a valuable opportunity for knowledge-sharing in a non-competitive environment.