VHD Creates Creates Limited Edition Designs for Bols Spirits

Van Heertum Design creates limited edition designs for Bols Spirits

E3 Agency Van Heertum Design has created special edition bottles and packaging for the Dutch Master Distiller brand Bols (www.bols.com) . Four different bottle and packaging designs were created as part of new product introductions for the first edition Bols Corenwyn VOC collection (three in total) and the Lucas Bols Single Barrel Corenwyn, Cask Strength.

Bols Corenwyn VOC Collection

This is the first edition design of the Bols Corenwyn VOC collection (3 in total). The names are linked to three famous historic VOC (Dutch East India Company) ships. The first edition is called: ‘De Drie Papegaaien’; a ship of more than 40 meters, which specialized in the transport of cinnamon, one of the fine spices.

This edition perfectly balances the wood tones and malty character of Bols Corenwyn with subtle hints of the fine VOC spices, cinnamon & liquorice.

To complement the spiced Corenwyn with sweet tones, Van Heertum Design created the perfect matching packaging and branding.


VHD creates Bols Single Barrel packaging

Lucas Bols presents Single Barrel Corenwyn, Cask Strength. This very special blend aged for 14 years in a single American Oak Bourbon cask and was kept in “het Paradijs”, the place where the master distiller Lucas Bols keeps the most beautiful products.

The Single Barrel is filled by hand directly from the 200 liter barrel, and has a strength of 57,5 %. The barrel only delivers 300 bottles of 50cl each, which makes this Corenwyn even more special and unique because of its limited supply.

VHD created the packaging design of this unique product.



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